Baby Bradley – Our Journey

August 14th: The day after my retrieval (and Jake’s birthday), we closed on our new house!! We are over the moon about this new place. We won’t be moving in until November/December, and we have A LOT of work to do before then, but this house is going to be incredible when we are finished!


The worst part of the retrieval process for me? The bloating and the gas. So. Miserable. My doctor said it could take up to two weeks for the bloating to completely subside…just in time to start our second retrieval, HA!


August 15th: I stopped my pain meds today and haven’t really felt too bad, so that’s nice! I am still crazy bloated, but that’s normal. Right now, we are in a waiting period. We are waiting for me to have a period, then we will start another round of shots. I mentioned this before, but since I have a low follicle count, we are doing two retrievals to ensure we have enough eggs to fertilize. As of right now, our second retrieval should be around my birthday in September. We will fertilize all of my eggs at that retrieval!

I got THIS bracelet that says “Strength” from Little Words Project and I have been wearing it every day during our IVF journey.


Can you tell that I’ve been living in the same jammies during this time? HA! We went to a hibachi Japanese restaurant for my sister’s birthday and I was SO miserable. I had the worst gas and was the most bloated I had been. It was awful. My belly was like solid rock. It was crazy. I was almost in tears at one point because of the gas. I am very ready for this part to be over.



August 16th: The last thing I wanted to do was squeeze my bloated body into a swimsuit, but I needed some sun, so I spent part of Sunday at the pool reading. I talked with another couple of girls who have/are doing IVF and they said their bellies were the exact same. They all said it lasted about a week, so I was about halfway there, which I was thankful for.