Baby Bradley – Our Journey

June 3rd, 2021: I am officially PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)!! Yesterday was the BEST day. Before I get to our transfer, let’s rewind to the day before – I woke up to all the cuddle from Rhea.

Our morning routine looks kind of like this: I get up about 6:30. I put on my numbing cream, take my Estradiol, get my shot ready, and sit on my heating pad at 7:30AM. I sit on the heating pad until Jake administers my shot about 8AM. Then it’s back to the heating pad for a little bit before getting up to move around to help with knots. We do that every single day. Here I am waiting for my shot on the day before transfer. Jake has figured out that if he squeeze hard and pulls the skin back, I don’t feel the needle go in at all. Other than the bruising and knots, the shots really aren’t too bad.  WHEN our transfer works, we will do these shots for 10 weeks, so I’m sure the bruising and knots will get worse.

My sister sent me a happy transfer eve text Tuesday evening. I smiled the second I read this.

Now to transfer day (June 2nd, 2021): I went to the gym, came home, did my shot, then we hit the road for STL. We got some sweet texts from close family and friends who knew we were transferring. I didn’t share this publicly because I wanted it to be mostly between me and Jake.

I took one last picture with our embryo before we left. I couldn’t believe that in a few short hours, we would be bringing this baby home in my body. <3 Little one, you are already loved so much! I also gave baby my first motherly lecture – I made sure babe knew to be sticky and stay put once transferred!

Jake told me he realllllly wanted a chew about an hour out from STL. That’s how I knew he was nervous/stressed. He used to chew, but quit about 5 years ago. Instead of a chew, he stress ate sunflower seeds…I think he went through over half his bag…about this point I also started to get nervous. I did a lot of deep breathing. A lot. I also needed to drink 40 ounces of water before our transfer, so I started chugging water.

About to walk in and get our baby!! So. Happy.

So, for the transfer itself…it is pretty similar to a pap smear. I went into the room where my I had my egg retrievals, which I was under anesthesia for, climbed on the same table, and put up my legs. For egg retrieval (ER), my legs were strapped into the stirrups. For transfer, I wasn’t strapped in and I wasn’t under anesthesia – transfer is a million times easier.  Once my legs were in the stirrups, Dr. Aubuchon set everything up like a pap. Once everything was ready, she called in the lab. The embryologist walked in with a catheter containing our baby. She verified who I was, and then they placed the catheter in my uterus and proceeded to transfer the embryo. We were able to watch everything on the screen, which was super cool. At first, we couldn’t tell what we were looking at…Jake and I were both watching my bladder, HA! If you’re a ultrasound tech, I give you mad props. It’s hard to tell what anything is! But we finally realized where they were placing our little babe. We have a video of the whole procedure, and it’s easier to see everything now when we rewatch it. Once the catheter is empty, the embryologist goes back into the lab to make sure nothing is stuck in the catheter line. She walked back in, told us everything was clear, and wished us luck. That was it!

There’s our embryo, all nice and snug!

After the transfer, I had an acupuncture session. This helped relax me so much. I love that our clinic offered it in-house for anyone post-transfer.

Our first picture as a family of three.

An old wives tale is to get McDonald’s fries after your transfer. I figured it couldn’t hurt anything, so we grabbed some. They were delicious. I don’t remember the last time I had McDonald’s.

We grabbed a quick lunch and then headed for home. We shared a gluten-free veggie pizza with light cheese. It was super good.

I told Jake all I wanted to do when we got home was watch Step Brothers (laughing is supposed to help with implantation) and eat Indian food. He grabbed dinner for us, then we parked it on the couch for the remainder of the evening. It was wonderful.

I also popped some alcohol-free champagne, which was delicious.

Now we wait…