Baby Bradley – Our Journey

November 26th, 2021: We are officially in the third trimester as of today, so I wanted to do a little recap on the second trimester. I have actually had a little bit of a stressful day because our usually very active baby has decided not to move much today (or yesterday). After some tears and some chugging of OJ, I finally got him to move a little, but then he didn’t move any more throughout the afternoon, so I called my doctor’s office, which was closed, so they had me call the hospital. I talked to a nurse on the labor and delivery floor who told me to drink something super sugary and do a kick count. If he didn’t kick 10 times in a hour, they wanted me to come in. I chugged a Coke and baby boy kicked 10 times in about 13 minutes, so that was good, but now I’m just a little on edge. I go see my doctor Monday for a regular check-up and my gestational diabetes test, so I’m hoping this guy is back to normal activity throughout the weekend. It seems there is always something to be worried about, but also so much to be thankful for. SO, we have started the third trimester with a little bit of a rough day. Baby boy is currently moving like crazy, so I’ll continue to monitor his movements.

Let’s rewind to when we first hit the second trimester back in August, which seems SO far away. I went through a phase where all I wanted was pancakes. All. The. Pancakes.

This was when my belly really started to pop, about weeks 15/16.

Lots of relaxing and naps still happened. I had some nausea until about week 16, after that, it was pretty much gone. Thank goodness!

Spicy Cheetos made an appearance until my heartburn said no more.

We had our first appointment with my OB around 14 weeks. It was surreal going back into the office where we were told about our infertility in 2019 and (at that time) being almost 15 weeks pregnant.

I sat in my car and cried after the appointment. Seeing this boy grow on the screen is such an amazing feeling. Little one, you are already so loved.

Aaaaaand more naps/relaxing.

The belly kept growing, so I invested in some clothes that fit better. Tight clothes were extremely uncomfortable after about 16 weeks.

I missed training but decided that running just wasn’t going to happen for me while pregnant. I am carrying really low and have a lot of pressure on my hips/pelvis, so I made a goal to walk a 5k every day while it felt good. I managed to keep this goal for about 6-7 weeks. After that, I couldn’t walk that far without stopping to pee or having a lot of pressure, so I’ve just been trying to walk when it feels good. I am still going to the gym, which I’m thankful for!

I’ve gotten in lots of friend walks, too! Which I love. I miss running with my girls, but am super thankful they’re willing to slow down and walk with me.

We got to check on our sweet guy via ultrasound four times in the second trimester. Two elective scans, one anatomy scan, and one heart echo, which is common procedure for IVF babies. I am SO thankful for extra scans. He is the most beautiful little baby.

Pickle chips made an appearance. For two days. I ate this whole bag in two days…

The second that candy corn was out in stores, I bought a big bag. SO good.

Baby boy has some long legs and feet, so our doctor thinks he could be tall.

I love his little profile so much.

I look like this most days…decent on top, sweats on bottom. It’s perfect for any meetings I need to attend for work.

My workout clothes are getting pretty snug at this point. Well, all clothes are really…

Maternity clothes are a game changer. They’re so much more comfortable than trying to make other clothes work.

This was heading into our 20-week anatomy scan. I was nervous for this appointment. I’m sure everyone is, but after dealing with infertility, I feel like I am always waiting for something to go wrong. I don’t ever want to get my hopes up or take things for granted. Every single thing came back normal at this scan. I couldn’t believe it. Thank you, Jesus, for a healthy baby boy!

I am modifying most movements at the gym, but as long as lifting feels good, I’m going to keep going!

We went to a Trail Sisters event and walked while the other gals ran. I can’t wait to take baby boy hiking when he is here.

My belly officially surpassed my tush around week 22.

My worst symptom in the second trimester – carpal tunnel. My right hand is numb 24/7. It is pretty terrible, but if that is the worst thing, I’m okay with it. I’ve heard it goes away as soon as a woman delivers, so I’m praying that’s the case for me. I sleep with this brace every night, but I’m not sure that it does too much. I think this symptom started around weeks 21/22.

Another craving I had for about a week – caramel dip and apples. SO good.

Baby boy went to his first wedding – my friend, Alex, got married in Arkansas, so we had a blast celebrating her special day.

The views were gorgeous.

We also took some fall family photos.

One day, I was out talking to our mailman, who asked if I was pregnant. I told him I was. His response, “I knew it. I knew you hadn’t just gained all of that weight for no reason.” HA! He was immediately embarrassed and told me that comment came out wrong. I assured him it was fine. I came in and took this picture to document the conversation. He wasn’t wrong!

I wore my first “Mom” shirt for Halloween.

This was taken around 24 weeks.

This was taken around 25 weeks. We were getting ready for baby boy’s heart echo, which is a common procedure for IVF babies. Everything with his heart came back normal! So, so thankful. Boobs and belly just keep growing.

Plus, we got to see his precious face again. Gosh, he’s perfect.

My friend, Alex, sent this onesie. I cannot wait for some stroller runs with my little dude.

Baby boy got to attend his second wedding, which was in Iowa. This was taken at 25 weeks as I headed to the rehearsal dinner. It was my cousin’s wedding and it was SO fun getting to see all of my family.

I had the most handsome dates.

I also had my first work trip since getting my new job. I traveled to New Orleans for a conference. I presented one day and then attended conference sessions the other two days. It was slightly difficult to present research while 7 months pregnant…I get winded so easily.

I got home from my work trip on a Friday and had my very first baby shower that Saturday. This day was SO special.

After my baby shower, Jake worked on putting the crib together.

It still catches me off guard when I walk by his room and see a crib. There were so many years I wasn’t sure if I’d get to have this moment, so it feels extra special to see his room coming together.

My mug says, “You grow girl”…trust me, I am! ; )

The girls very much already love their baby brother. They are always resting their heads on my belly, especially Rhea. Lu likes to sprawl out with her back against my belly. Baby boy will usually kick when she does this. I always wonder if she can feel it.

Hellllooooo, third trimester! Bring on February, which is baby boy’s birth month.

My belly has obviously grown, but so has the rest of me. At my last doctor’s appointment, I was up about 40 pounds already, HA! That came as quite a shock, but my doctor isn’t worried about it, so neither am I. As long as baby boy is healthy and growing, that is all that matters.

We are getting closer to meeting our miracle guy! I’ll try to do an update about halfway through the third trimester…I have a feeling things are going to go by quickly with the holidays and our house projects. I am SO excited to hold this sweet guy. <3