Baby Bradley – Our Journey

August 2nd – I start meds today! I am starting with Clomid (a pill) and then start injections tomorrow (August 3rd). I am definitely nervous about giving myself shots, but I am ready to get started. I have another appointment in Tulsa on Friday, and then a back-to-back appointment Monday and Tuesday. My Momma is going to go up and stay with me Monday night, so that will be nice. It’s crazy how quickly the actual injection process is. We are shooting to retrieve eggs sometimes the week of August 11th…that’s only 9 days away. I have heard the retrieval is the worst appointment. You have to be put under and you’re pretty sore leading up to it and a few days after it, so I am ready to have that appointment behind me.

August 3rd – Day 1 of injections! I was SO nervous about this day. I have never given myself a shot before, so was having all kinds of anxiety about having to do so. I watched all the videos on the two injections I was going to be starting with – Omnitrope and Gonal-F. Gonal-F came in an injectable pen, so I didn’t have to mix anything together – I was thankful for that! I simply adjusted the pen to the amount my doctor had me taking and injected it – so easy. I had to mix Omnitrope, which I was nervous about. You take a diluent and mix it with the powder in another vial. You have to be careful about injecting the diluent to not mix it too quickly and create a foam. I was so anxious about mixing everything correctly – like anything, the first time you do something, it can be terrifying. Overall, the first day on injections were no big deal. I had definitely built them up to be worse than they were. More on that below. Here is how I organized my meds. I cut off some of the pharmacy’s directions and taped them onto the corresponding boxes. Organizing everything gave me a sense of calm, so I was glad I did this. This container worked perfectly for storing everything that didn’t need to be refrigerated. There are 3 big drawers and 4 small ones in this.

Here are the injections I started with – Gonal-F and Omnitrope.


Omnitrope was the first injection I gave myself. The first time I touched the needle to my skin, it didn’t go right in (duh), so I got nervous, but I told myself I would have to push a little harder. The second time, the needle went right in and I couldn’t even feel it. I laughed at myself. It was not a big deal at all! I was almost giddy about it. After the Omnitrope injection, I gave myself the Gonal-F injection. Same thing! I couldn’t feel a thing and nothing hurt. You can barely even see the spot! I think I smiled until I went to bed. I had survived day 1 and giving myself the injections while at home alone (Jake was working). Hell yeah.


August 6th: Well, I have been giving myself injections for four days now. I am still so thankful that the shots are not painful. I did stick myself in a blood vessel the second night of injections, which hurt and immediately bruised a little, but other than that, everything has been going smoothly! I don’t know if I really have any crazy side effects – I have been having more frequent, painful headaches and some bloating, but that’s about it. I JUST started getting some mild cramping yesterday, but that’s pretty normal considering these drugs are used to grow my eggs quickly. I wish I would’ve taken a picture when everything started, but this will have to do – this was taken after day 3 of injections (Gonal-F, Omnitrope, and Clomid (a pill)).


You can hardly see it in this picture, but there’s the tiny spot where I hit a blood vessel. I’m sure it’ll happen again, but I really hope it doesn’t.


I have my STAT Friday appointment tomorrow (8/7), so I am excited for that and to see how things are progressing. The next two weeks will be busy – I have the appointment tomorrow (8/7), two back-to-back appointments Monday and Tuesday (8/10 and 8/11), and we close on our house Friday (8/14). We will find out Monday or Tuesday (8/10 or 8/11) when we have egg retrieval – it should be sometime the week of 8/10-8/17. We are praying it isn’t the same day we close on our house. I have no clue what we will do if that happens. I am trying not to stress about it and remind myself that it will all work out, but we definitely have a lot going on the next few weeks! My Mom is going with me to Tulsa on the back-to-back appointments because I will stay the night, so that will be fun. We will make a little girls’ trip out of it.

Day 4 of injections!