Baby Bradley – Our Journey

September 20th: the BEST day – we got our first call from the clinic this morning. I was out getting groceries and missed the first call. I was in a panic. Thankfully, they called back right away. Out of the 7 eggs we had frozen from July, 4 survived the thaw. Between those 4 and the eggs they got yesterday, we had 8 total to fertilize. As of this morning, we have TWO fertilized eggs. They are still watching the other 6, but as of 9/20, we have two babies!! We still have to watch them to see if they’ll make it to days 5 and 6 blast and send them off for testing, but we have two! <3 I cried. A lot.

I have some time off from meds, I think. We are just waiting for my period to start, then I’m not sure what happens next. We won’t transfer (implant our baby/babies) until the beginning of December, so I’ve got a little time to give my body some rest. I cannot wait to start running again! As soon as my ovaries don’t hurt anymore, I am lacing up!