Baby Bradley – Our Journey

September 1st: Off for round two!


Already a little bloated this round. My body is holding on to some water weight/weight gain from the last round. I’m trying not feel bummed about it, but it’s definitely a struggle. I am really missing running – not only for keeping me healthy, but also for the mental outlet running is for me. It was my me time, my time to think, my time to destress. I cannot wait to get back into it. Hopefully in October…but I honestly have no clue.


I got to drive my new car to Tulsa, so that was fun! It rained the entire time, so that was a bummer, but the new car definitely made the drive more enjoyable.


My ultrasound for this first appointment in our second round was pretty painful. I don’t remember it being that painful during the first round. I was so glad when they said it was over. I did a lot of deep breathing.


This is from my first round baseline appointment. I had 6 follicles on each side, a low number.


This is from my baseline appointment for our second round. I already have more follicles this time – 9 on the left and 10 on the right, versus my 6 on each side last round. I have a hemorrhagic clot, so they are monitoring that, but I was told to continue with stim medications (my follicle growing injections) as planned. I do not know much about the clot and I can’t find any information through research, so we will see what they say about it next Friday at my appointment.


September 2nd: Last day of birth control! THANK GOODNESS! I could feel my body starting to get back to normal as soon as I hit 24 hours without birth control. I met Cassie and Kayla on Thursday, September 3rd, for one last gravel ride before I start meds again. Once I start injections, I won’t be able to ride gravel since there’s a lot of jarring. I am really enjoying gravel, so I can’t wait to get back to it!


September 4th: I started my period, which is exactly what was supposed to happen. I spent the day on the couch with a heating pad. I start Clomid (a pill) Sunday the 6th and then start injections again Monday the 7th. I am ready to get this round started so we can do one last egg retrieval and then move forward!