Baby Bradley – Our Journey

July 3rd, 2021: I had a pretty rough day. I just felt crummy ALL day. I am so thankful I have the option of being lazy if I need to be. I laid in bed, sleeping off and on until about 2PM, then vacuumed half of our house before calling it quits for the day and didn’t move from the couch until Jake got home.

We wanted to take some pictures to share about baby boy, so I forced myself to put on a little make-up and look semi-presentable. We knew it was early, but we have shared most of our infertility journey, so we decided to share the news that we are expecting on the year anniversary of signing our IVF contract (July 6th). We used the onesie that says, Little Miracle, which describes our sweet boy (and all babies) perfectly.

July 4th, 2021: I got a bloody nose out of nowhere while we were with family and friends celebrating the Fourth. One of my nurse friends had JUST told me a few days ago that 20% of pregnant women get random nosebleeds. I wasn’t sure if that was what cause the bleed or just the fact that I sometimes get nosebleeds, but it was my first one during this pregnancy if that is what caused it.