Baby Bradley – Our Journey

June 15th, 2021: Let’s recap the last few days! It was so fun telling our families. We told them June 13th.

Another morning, another shot. Here’s the shot the morning  we were going to tell our families. I was giddy all day long.

We had everyone over for Sunday dinner. Here’s the group!

A few of them had a hard time reading the wine labels, HA!, so that was funny, but there were lots of happy tears. We aren’t telling many more people until after my first ultrasound on the 25th. I am SO anxious for that. I think waiting for the first ultrasound is worse than waiting for anything else because I KNOW I am now pregnant, but the first ultrasound will check to make sure it’s not an ectopic pregnancy (the baby implants in the fallopian tube – not viable) or that there’s a yolk sac but no baby (a blighted ovum, also not viable). Basically, I’ve been crazy anxious and overthinking everything. Every cramp I get (there are a lot), I immediately worry it’s an ectopic pregnancy or something else terrible. I am trying my best to stay calm and positive, but that is definitely easier said than done. 10 days until my first ultrasound…the days cannot go by fast enough.

My major symptoms right now are cramping (lots of it), bloating, and just being tired. I will sometimes get nauseous if I go too long without eating, but that’s really about it. I think some of those symptoms are from the meds, so I’m not sure what’s a pregnancy symptom and what isn’t, but those are the things I’m experiencing. My temper is also shorter than usual…the dogs make me super angry when they pull me during a walk. Again, not a big deal, but it’s just something out of the ordinary. I get irrationally annoyed about it and have to remind myself to chill. Other than that, I am over the moon excited and already dreaming of meeting our baby.

Oh!! I haven’t even gotten to share one of the most exciting things – WE ARE HAVING A BOY!! We have known one of our embryos was a boy since December. That was SUCH a hard secret to keep.

When we told our families, I was most excited to tell my Dad we were having a boy. He has always wanted a boy, but he’s always gotten girls. After we announced that we were pregnant with a boy, my Dad walked over to me and said, “Really? It’s a boy?” When I assured him it was, he said, “I just assumed it would be a girl. I’ve always gotten girls. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my girls, but it’s a boy?!” And then he got a huge smile on his face. I think that is maybe my favorite moment from telling our families. I can’t wait to be a Boy Mom.

As of today, June 15th, I am 4 weeks and 4 days. Keep growing, Baby Boy! Here’s my 1 month picture. Just bloated.

I had a couple shots that caused major bruising. Thank goodness it isn’t like this with every shot. I was trying to capture the bruises without showing my entire tush…

So. Dang. Excited.

We are halfway through PIO shots…with a positive pregnancy, these continue through week 10.

The IVF timelines is so crazy. We transferred two weeks ago, but I am already four and a half weeks pregnant.

This email made me laugh SO hard. I have been eating a grilled cheese for at least one meal for the past month. HA! This says, “Food Cravings – craving grilled cheese? You can thank your hormones.”

Pictures of my dinners from two days this week. Bring on the grilled cheese!

June 18th, 2021: I am 5 weeks today! Nothing really to show for it other than a little bit of bloating.

June 20th, 2021: Jake’s first Father’s Day from me and Baby Boy! We got some of his favorites – beer and Reese’s cups. The envelope says, “Little Man’s #1 Daddy”. I cannot wait to see Jake with our little guy. He’s going to be the best Dad in the world.