Baby Bradley – Our Journey

June 8th, 2021: It’s beta #1 day!! Which also means it’s 7dpt (7 days past transfer). I cannot believe one week ago, we were getting ready to transfer Baby B and now I am pregnant (at least for now). I have been pretty anxious since last night. I don’t know if it’s because we are getting closer to my blood tests, which will tell us if I’m going to stay pregnant, or if something else is causing the anxiety, but I have been doing a lot of deep breathing. I haven’t been dong anything social this week. I miss my people, but I know if I see anyone, the first thing I will blurt out is that I’m pregnant and I don’t want to get anyones’ hopes up until we know for sure. I haven’t even told Jake since he didn’t want to know what the home pregnancy tests showed. I am an oversharer (obviously, I blog about my daily life every day, HA!), so it’s hard for me to keep this secret right now.

Here’s my shot from June 8th. The shots still aren’t too bad, which I mostly chalk up to Jake being wonderful at administering them. I have some small knots and a few bruises, but that’s about it. I am praying we continue these for another 6-7 weeks. In IVF, you continue PIO shots until at least week 10 of pregnancy.

Here are my tests from Monday (6/7) and Wednesday (6/9). HCG levels double every 48 hours, so if we compare tests that are 48 hours apart, they are a little bit more reliable. My line is definitely getting darker! It’s hard to see the lines in pictures, but I’m praying this means our babe is here to stay. <3

June 9th, 2021: PIO before my blood draw for beta.

My first beta was 67!!! We were over the moon about this information. My blood draw was at 8:15AM and our doctor didn’t call until about 5PM. It was a looooong day of waiting! Jake and I were in the car when she called. Normally, our coordinator would have called to tell us, so when I heard that it was Dr. Aubuchon, I got a little worried that something was wrong, but that quickly went away when she began the conversation. I’m sure she knew I would think something was wrong, so her voice was super upbeat and she immediately said, “Shawnie (our coordinator) just got your blood work and asked if I wanted to call you to give you the good news!” She then said our first beta was 67!! Which was higher than I was expecting! I think it needed to be at least 25 to be considered a good number. And while we were happy with that number, it still needed to double at my second beta on Friday. I kept telling Dr. Aubuchon that I knew it needed to double, so I wasn’t going to get ahead of myself, to which she replied, “Well, yeah, but this is an amazing number!!!” Soooo, then we got really excited!

June 10th, 2021: I think this day was the hardest in terms of waiting and anxiety. We knew my blood level was showing a pregnancy, but my number needed to double on Friday (48 hours later) in order for the pregnancy to be ‘real’. I had one day in-between my two betas and I tried my best to stay busy. I took another test and the line was a little darker, so that gave me hope my HCG level was rising like it needed to.

This was our first shot with Jake FINALLY knowing we’re pregnant. I am NOT good at keeping secrets, so it was incredibly difficult not to blurt it out to him every time I got a positive test. I am so thankful for the few people who knew (my sister, my friend, Amber, and Jake’s Aunt Michelle – they all knew I was pregnant before Jake did – thank you, ladies, for keeping my secret and being there for me every day!!) and my IVF group on Facebook. I made a group for all the women who transferred on the same day I did. They have been the BEST support system. It has been so special to have a group going through the exact same things you’re experiencing on the same days.

I had a 90-minute massage the day between my second beta and it was the perfect relaxing distraction. As I was filling out the information sheet, I saw this prompt for pregnancy and decided I better mark it. I told my masseuse about our IVF journey and that I was VERY newly pregnant, but I didn’t know if that mattered and she said it very much did matter. She didn’t want to use too much pressure and she was thankful I told her. It was also my first time checking yes to pregnancy on any form.

June 11th, 2021: beta day #2 – I was also 4 weeks pregnant on this day. Funny story: Jake got home from work at midnight. I woke up as he was getting into bed, completely thinking it was morning. I got so excited and started to get up. Jake asked what I was doing and I told him that it had to be close to 5AM, so I was going to get up and make coffee before my blood draw. He laughed and told me it was only midnight…I was so bummed! It took me forever to fall back asleep after that. I was so anxious and excited to find out my beta!!! When my alarm went off the next morning, I jumped out of bed. I was ready!

I got there right as soon as the lab opened because I didn’t want to get caught in a long wait…here’s the waiting room. HA! Just little ole me and all these empty chairs.

I won’t take another test…as least I don’t think I will. Part of me still wants to get one of the ones that will say Yes+ or Pregnant, but we’ll see. Here are my AM test from 4 days past transfer until 9 days past transfer. I love seeing these lines. There’s a very faint line in both the 4 dpt and the 5 dpt, but you can’t see it in this picture.

Baby Bradley, you are already so loved.

My coordinator from our clinic called around 1:25PM with results of my second beta. It was 167! So it more than doubled. I couldn’t believe it. She told me I was officially pregnant and I told her that I thought I was in shock. She warned me about some things to watch out for that are common in IVF pregnancies, bleeding, clots, etc., and told me to schedule my first ultrasound for June 25th. I will be 6 weeks at that point and once we get through that ultrasound, I will feel SO much better. There’s still a chance the baby isn’t forming in my uterus or that the yolk sac is forming with no baby inside. I KNOW these are things that could happen, but I am choosing to focus on the fact that I am currently pregnant! I put together a gift bag to give to Jake. Remember this onesie from when we started IVF in 2020? I FINALLY got to give it to Jake, along with my last pregnancy test, and a big bottle of bourbon. We both cried when he opened it. We still have a long ways to go, but we are pregnant. What a journey it has been.

We are having our families over on Sunday to “see our landscaping….” HA! We have both lied to all of them (sorry Moms and Dads!) and said we won’t know anything for at least another week, so I am really hoping no one suspects anything. My sister, who knows the truth, told me that my Mom is convinced my blood test is NEXT Tuesday, which Piper told her was correct, so I don’t think they are onto us. I got these wine labels that say things like, “Hey Sis, you’re going to be Aunt!” (for Chelsea, Jake’s sister – we call her Sis); “Pairs Well with Becoming Grandparents” (for our parents – I added a little sticked that says, “Again!” on the label for my parents); and a label that says, “Pairs Well with Becoming an Aunt and Uncle” (for my sister and brother-in-law). I cannot wait to tell them. Can. Not. Wait. I get giddy whenever I think about telling them.

I am also going to give this baby to Eleanor so she can start ‘practicing’ for when she’s a big cousin. I wanted to include her in us telling our families somehow. Plus, she IS my best friend after all. ; )

This is all still so surreal. I have to continue to take it easy – no running, no lifting, nothing crazy, at least until my ultrasound, but I am more than willing to comply. Now we just have to survive the next two weeks…WOOF!