Baby Bradley – Our Journey

September 10th: I have three days of shots under my belt! Things definitely feel different this second round. I feel like I know exactly what to expect, whereas last month EVERYTHING was new. It’s kind of nice feeling a little more prepared. This feeling of being prepared will last another two weeks, then it’s ALL brand new things again after my next retrieval. At this retrieval, we will fertilize all my eggs (the ones that are currently frozen and the ones they will retrieve around the middle of September). I just told Jake that this month we will have babies on ice! It’s just crazy. As soon as my eggs are fertilized, we will know how many survive – I think this will happen over 3-6 days after fertilization. I think we will both be nervous during those days. I keep reminding myself that everything is in God’s hands, so that really takes all the pressure off of us.

Here are some videos of me administering my two main shots – Gonal-F and Omnitrope. I realized I hadn’t recorded myself doing these shots, so here you go! There’s no blood or anything, just so you’re prepared. 🙂