Baby Bradley – Our Journey

August 7th: I had another appointment in Tulsa Friday morning. It’s called STAT Friday. Everyone going through the same retrieval timeframe as me has all of their monitoring appointments on the same days. It is so crazy what science can do…with all of the drugs and hormones we are injecting, they’re able to plan everything out for an entire group of women. Retrieval and transfer (implanting the embryo) are all a little different since it depends on each individual woman’s growth, but they do occur within the same few days for everyone. I am so in awe of what science (and God – mostly God) can do. My appointment on Friday was just more bloodwork and an ultrasound, so it took about 10 minutes total. Nothing like driving almost 3 hours one way for a super short appointment, HA! I’m not going to complain, though. We are in good hands and I trust our clinic. On my drive to Tulsa, I saw the most beautiful rainbow. It made me smile.


My appointment was at 9:30, so I left at 6AM to give myself plenty of time. We had run into a little road construction on the way to our last appointment, so I wanted to make sure to give myself lots of time. I took breakfast with me – more oatmeal. My appetite is starting to go away. I am SO bloated and eating just seems to make that worse. I am taking a lot of supplements and meds right now, so I have to make sure to eat something.


All the supplements!


I use my pineapple mask at every appointment. I bought it just for our IVF journey.


I was almost giddy after this appointment. I’m going to share numbers here that may not make a ton of sense, but I want to remember everything about this journey. The last time I went in, they measured my egg follicles. Part of our issue in getting pregnant is that I have a low follicle count. Our clinic usually wants to be able to retrieve 15-20 eggs. I only have 5-6 on each side instead of the normal 10 on each side. At my first appointment, they measured 6 follicles on each side, all less than 10mm (which is small). After administering my shots and taking Clomid for FOUR days, I had 8 follicles on each side (which is great) and they measured much bigger! My left side is slower growing, so I only had two that were above 8mm (8mm and 9mm), but my right side is growing like crazy, which makes sense since that’s the side I’m having the most cramping on. My follicles on the right were (13mm, 13mm, 13mm, 13mm, 11mm, 9mm, and 8mm). I was so happy when they told me that. One of the coolest parts is that I got to see everything on this screen. It was so cool watching the follicles being measured. I was over the moon when they said how well everything was growing. Everything was working like it was supposed to!


Here’s where I lay down for the ultrasounds, the TV screen is on the wall opposite of the one in this picture.


Keep growing, little eggs! The bloating is worth it.


So bloated.


After my appointment, I hopped back in the car and headed for home. As I was pulling into town, I received all the updates from my clinic about my next steps. I go back to Tulsa Monday for another appointment, so I think things start to get sped up now since we are nearing retrieval. I have to add two more injections into my routine, so I made a chart to document everything. I start doing shots in the morning and at night, so organization is key right now. I am now injecting Omnitrope, Gonal-F, Cetrotide, and Menopur. I halve the Cetrotide shot, which was intimidating the first time I did it. Thankfully my clinic provides directions for EVERYTHING. When they first send you everything, it is so overwhelming because you haven’t really started anything yet, but once you get started with injections, it all makes sense and isn’t scary anymore.