Baby Bradley – Our Journey

June 3rd, 2021: My sweet Dad. He sent this the day after our transfer to check on me. <3

Knowing that our sweet babe is home with us makes the shots even easier!

This was the first day after our transfer. I laid out and read most of the day. I kept getting worried I would get too hot and cook our little babe. I think I spent most of the first few days Googling random things…I shared in one of my IVF groups that I needed to banned from Google. Dawn, my birth-mom, and her man, Mitch, sent me this gorgeous bouquet. It made my day!

June 5th, 2021: I laid out the second day after our transfer, but didn’t take a picture. I also laid out the third day after transfer. I got so much reading done and it was SO relaxing. It also helped keep me a little bit distracted. I would get so into a book that I would forget about our transfer and time would fly by. Since I didn’t get banned from Google, (HA), I found a study that said women who got a lot of sun after an embryo transfer were more successful because of the Vitamin D. I’ll take it! Any time I got a little hot, I would move into the shade for a bit to cool down.

June 6th, 2021: Day 4 post transfer – I took my first pregnancy test. It was negative, but I assumed it would be. Day 4 is a little too early to pick up anything. We hit a nerve with my shot on this day. You can see the swollen bump. It was pretty painful and I felt like my whole cheek was on fire.

Day 4 was when things started to go downhill. I felt AWFUL. I was super congested, had an awful headache, body chills, body aches, was SO hot, and had a massive swollen lymph-node under my armpit. The lymph-node was so big that I couldn’t set my arm down flat against my body. I was miserable all day. I took my temperature a few times. I was worried I had a crazy high fever and would cook our embryo. I never had a fever, but my temperature was definitely higher than normal. I shared about this in one of my IVF groups and one of the girls said she had a similar thing happen when she found out she was pregnant. I tried not to get my hopes up about that. I tossed and turned ALL night. I woke up drenched in sweat multiple times. My headache never went away (I still have it now – the next morning) and my armpit almost had me in tears a few times. It was a rough day/night!

June 7th, 2021: 5 days post transfer. The day I saw my first ever positive pregnancy test. After not sleeping well all night and still feeling pretty terrible when I got up, I wasn’t in the best mood. I took the test, checked it, and was in shock. I have NEVER seen two lines. I think I was in shock for a little bit. The second line is still pretty faint, which I knew it would be this early on, but it was there! The second line was THERE. Now I needed it to darken tomorrow and the next day.

Jake asked me not to tell him if I took a pregnancy test; he wanted to wait for the blood test, so I texted my friend who also went through IVF. I had to tell someone! Her excitement made me so excited. I also shared the picture in my IVF group. Another girl in the group also had a second line that looked similar to mine, so that was really cool. I am pregnant. I didn’t know if I’d ever get to type that. <3

It was SO hard not to tell Jake about the positive test. So. Freaking. Hard. Here’s our shot on day 5 post transfer.

Still craving ALL the grilled cheese sandwiches.

June 8th, 2021: We are 6 days post transfer and only one day away from my first blood test! I can’t believe my first beta is tomorrow. While my first test needs to be above 25 mUI/mL, what really matters is that the number doubles on Friday. So while I will be excited to hear what my level is tomorrow, it won’t really matter until my test on Friday. I took another test this morning and the line is a little darker, so that is a good thing! It is going to be SO hard not to tell Jake. I broke down and told my sister, so my sister and one girlfriend know.

The lines are darker than they appear in this picture, but you can still kind of see the progression. I was testing in both the AM and PM, but stopped that eventually because my PM tests were always light. Some girls have darker PM tests, but that is most likely due to when their transfer happened…some girls transferred in the PM, whereas I transferred in the AM.